What Kind of Traveler are you?

My Stay at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club.

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club for the first time ever and I had the most amazing experience. For some reason, I always thought it was a member’s club and not open to all, but I was schooled. Also, for the first time, I visited an establishment, not as a visitor on holiday, but as a visitor looking to learn a little bit of what they do because it was a part of my induction to the company I work for. So I had a proper itinerary of what I needed to do while there so I could have an overall experience in the few days I was there.

Normally, I travel to marvel at nature that’s so breathtaking and pristine, and architecture so tastefully done and cozy. The extra activities excite me, but not as much as the fact that when I travel, I get to sleep in a different place. Like I’d mentioned in my get to know me tag, I do love my sleep. And so the one thing that I really look forward to when I visit a hotel is the bed. I say this shamelessly and at the verge of sounding like my priorities are misplaced, but the beds were all that and then some more. I remember that the first night I had planned that after dinner, I would take a long warm bath in the tub, then do some work, because it was still a work day and I hadn’t been online most of the day, read a page or two from the book I had carried and then snuggle in the warm beddings and drift away till morning.

Well, of course, it didn’t happen that way. After the bath, I could barely keep my eyes open and so I just allowed myself to drift away. No self-judgement.  My whole body, mind, and soul came to an understanding that this bed was irresistible.

After a whole day of going around looking at the properties with the best host that one could have and experiencing the different activities that one can do there, which by the way were quite adventurous. Like we took a drive to view the property because it’s quite vast and got to see the different types of accommodation they have from the cottages to the rooms, so cozy. To where the guests usually have bush dinners by the river. I also managed to do a short horse ride, though they provide them for visitors for hours, just depends on your budget.  There’s also bike rides alongside the horse rides as well into the conservancy where you get to see the wildlife.  I went through the millennial maze in the middle of the property, a fantastic idea for someone who lives for cheap thrills like I do.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy everything else, like the food, it was so delicious. I really looked forward to all my meals, because I kept wondering they’ll serve next. For a person who loves chicken, they served a lot of it, including some yummy chicken soup. I remember I went back for two rounds. If I lived in a hotel, I could easily live on bread and soup only. My favorite, however, was the steak and mash from the a la carte!

Most of the time, I encounter extremely active travelers and I feel like I’m not one of those. I enjoy more relaxed activities. I don’t mind going for one or two outdoor activities to break the monotony and of course to feel like I have experienced the new place and done the most. But also, it’s okay if you’re the lazy traveler who just wants to do the least and enjoy a sundowner overlooking a breathtaking view and having some engaging convos or just silently soaking it all in. Even that is something.

Stay Inspired,