What Stories of Courage means to Me (+GiveAway).

I was wondering if I was to go out for coffee with you my avid reader, what would I tell you about this event called ‘Stories of Courage’? Hosted by two people I am now confident enough to call my friends. Well I say now, because I got to know them not too long ago, and also, the fact that I’ve gotten to interact with them to the point where have sat, talked, laughed, eaten, drunk and pondered over both serious and non-serious life things on various occasions.

Tea, Stories of Courage
Fun Fact: How I enjoy my tea or any hot beverage for that matter. The spoon makes it sweeter.

So as I was chatting with Njeri, it struck me that I should probably tell you what ‘Stories of Courage’ means to me, because I attended the very first event they had last year, October – I even did a review because it touched a soft spot. By the time we were done with the event, I was honestly just silently praying that they continue hosting their events with the same humility they did their first one, and that God enables them to expand their territories so that they can reach as many humans as possible.

What ‘Stories of Courage’ simply means to me, is that it’s a platform where you can get inspired by other people’s stories or experiences. And like I had mentioned in the things that give me life, stories are one of them, I live for them. What makes this one different from any other events I have attended that share people’s stories, is how they’ve structured it. And that’s what even makes it all the more interesting, because the stories are authentic and they come from a genuine place.

As you tread in this journey called life, you’re most likely to experience one or all of these three scenarios; a moment that calls for your to raise your hands and just call it quits, because that’s the only way you will get to the next phase in your life that will probably make you feel fulfilled; a moment that calls for you to wait just a little longer, tapping into your patience, because your breakthrough is just around the corner; a moment that calls for you to ignore the other voices or forces dictating the way you should live your life and just go against the tide, because that’s what will liberate you.

They being ‘Njeri and Marcus Olang’…

They approach people who they know have notably gone through these scenarios – currently they’re tapping into their own networks; and boy do they know so many people. They then let these special people; in their own personal way, share their stories with us that day. As the hosts, they ask them questions that let us into their lives, and that poke more into their experiences and feed our curiosity.

It’s not easy I believe, to find yourself, and to know that you had to go through a certain situation (or make a certain choice) to finally break out of your cocoon or to chase your dream. That you have to keep believing that it is God’s way of showing you what you’re capable of; and you just go through with it not knowing whether it’s the right or wrong way – you listen to and follow your gut feeling.

Sometimes when we’re going through a situation, because in most cases it’s tough and it takes a toll on you, it makes you question so many things, including God, and you wonder why me? You think you’re the only one in this kind of situation, not knowing, “Ala! Kumbe tuko wengi” (Oh my! Seems we’re many). Sometimes you hit a crossroad and you just don’t know what to do; which path to take and whether it will lead you to where you aspire to be, but you take the plunge anyway because deep within, you felt it’s what was right for you. And that’s what ‘Stories of Courage’ means to me.

Stories Of Courage 2

Now, I would like to bless one person with a ticket to the event. If you can get one for yourself, please go ahead and get it, it’s a worthwhile investment that comes with some delish brunch to boot. And also invite a friend. Pay early to save the KES 200 (the banker in me speaks). But if you truly need this one ticket, drop me a comment and tell me what you imagine ‘Stories of Courage’ will mean to you when you attend. I’ll eventually put the names together, do a random selection and announce the lucky reader on Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 9th April 2016 at Michael Joseph Center, from 10:00am to 2:30pm.

Have a great week ahead.

UPDATE: I had promised one ticket to a #KawiSnippets reader, but I felt compelled to appreciate the two that wholeheartedly shared what ‘Stories of Courage’ would mean to them. Thank you Mwende and Mini. Looking forward to meeting you.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

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