What You Studied Vs What Work You Currently Do.

You would be surprised by the number of people who don’t see the correlation between these two or if they do, it doesn’t really apply, because their work is not based on what they studied, rather on where their passion (or heart) lead them or where the opportunity presented itself.

This weekend, I requested the hubs to take me for a walk in the forest, so that I could get some points for my weekend #FitBixChallenge. And he said yes! These challenges have been killing me, my legs are feeling gelatinous; and then again, at least it’s a push for me to live up my word about staying fit. The challenge is a story for another day.

Karura Forest, FitBixChallenge

Well, his YES to my request came so fast, way faster than I had anticipated. You know there are those questions you ask and at the back of your mind, you’re expecting a no, but you take a chance and ask anyway. That was one of those days. I even adorned the request with promises of a yummy filling breakfast. I think it took a minute for it to sink in, and start moving before he changed his mind ha ha. It helped me realize that sometimes, it’s about throwing caution in the wind and just trying anyway; and not making an assumption based on a previous incidents. It doesn’t mean because someone said no once, they would say no all the time.

During the walk, I had a short opportunity to interact with a young girl in her teens. She schools at Braeside, and is in year 13 (that must be like form 6, for those of us who did 8.4.4, we get confused by these year things.) She asked if she could walk with me, because as the rest were riding bikes, I had chosen to walk so that I could pick up some proper miles. She was bored of riding, and so she had also opted to walk. And so after our exchange of pleasantries and introductions, I asked her what she plans to do after school, and she says she wants to study hotel management. Wow, that’s a diverse choice. And I go ahead and ask her whether she likes cooking, house work or eating; just to get a little more background on why that choice. She says, she just likes it because she knows someone who’s in the hotel industry.

Then she went ahead and shared a fear that we all have, “What if what I study is not what I want to eventually do. Like, what if my feelings about what I want to do change?” I almost felt my heart smile, because well, guess who had been in that situation, yours truly. And so I tell her a little about what I studied, and my work history in summary – besides the business side of things, I am not practicing what I studied. Otherwise I would have been one of the women in Tech, but that structured language wasn’t bringing me so much joy – I struggled through it.

It took me a sucky first job and little trial and error here and there to finally land on something that makes me feel excited about waking up and going to work in the morning. It took me a couple of work years to finally understand what I ace at, and what I don’t; what I can do, and what I struggle to do. It took me time to finally understand myself and the value I can bring in to the job market.

Studying gives you an incredible foundation and provides you the guiding principles that you will apply in your work place. It gives you a glimpse of some of the things expected of you in a work setting; from team work, finishing your assignments on time (before the deadline) and obtaining general knowledge in the different disciplines, because you will always need it in decision making and in your interaction – you don;t chose who you interact with in the work place, you have to be knowledgeable to be valuable. However, what you studied doesn’t dictate where you work, so what does?

  • Your drive. What are you passionate about? Some are lucky to figure this out when they’re young, while others find out later in life, which is not too bad either. Once you figure it out, then that can be the direction you take with your career.
  • Your initiative. What are you doing to feed your passion? Take up some activities, even if initially voluntary, that are aligned to what you’re passionate about. This will help to build your skill, and network; so that those around you know what you’re good at and they can even refer you should an opportunity come up.
  • Your willingness to learn and unlearn. None of us knows it all, and it’s okay not to know everything. Better yet, it’s not certain that what we know is always right, and it’s okay to be wrong sometimes. What’s not okay is to continue swimming in ignorance when you have the chance to learn, or to think that you’re always right, even when wrong and not willing to let go of (unlearn) what you thought was right and learning the correct way of doing things.
  • Your attitude. What kind of person are you and what’s your attitude towards work? Are you receptive or unperceptive? Do you take criticism positively or do you shrug ¯\(°_o)/¯ and frown about it? Are you willing to learn some more, push yourself further or put your heart and mind into it, whatever it is?
  • Your growth. With all these things in place, the drive, the initiative to do things, your willingness to learn and unlearn, backed with a positive attitude, this passion needs to take you somewhere. Do you see a future in it? If you do, is it a worth while venture? It needs to enable you to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. For what’s the purpose of being so passionate about something that doesn’t bring value to yourself or to the people around you?


Do what you love; you’ll be better at it. It sounds pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this one right away. ~ LL Cool J

It would be great to know whether what you currently do (work) is directly related to what you studied. If it is, do you enjoy it? Did you know if this from when you were young? Or did you just find yourself in it and you grow into it? If it’s not, at what point did you figure that it wasn’t for you? And how did you make that change to what you now do and hopefully enjoy?

Have a productive week ahead Snippers and follow your passion!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*