What’s Your Ritual?

When your nerves get the best of you.

You cannot be good all the time. You have to be good when it’s time.

Celine Dion

I saw this colorful sculpture of a rhinoceros at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi and I thought, “Aha! It’ll come in handy some time.” This is it.

I’ve been watching The Voice and I can confess that I’m a huge fan. Though I kinda feel like I have said this a couple of times before. I’ve been a huge fan of The Voice since the moment I got wind of it and started watching it. Then I got to Season 6 and took a break to wait for them run some more episodes, and before I knew it, it’s on Season 12.

I just posted on my LinkedIn why I love the show so much. But I will say it again, the very essence of the show gives me so much life. Besides the great music, the stories told by the different artists and the journey they’ve each walked to get to this point is so awe-inspiring. The faith and confidence they have in their skill (voice) is so incredible. It makes you get attached to the artist even before you hear what they have to offer. The excitement and unwavering support the artists receive from their families and friends despite the outcome of their performance is unequaled.

With the judges’ backs facing them, the artists have one shot to impress them with their voice and get a button pressed and a seat turned for them. In pin drop silence, they get onto the stage and perform with everything they’ve got. Sometimes it goes right, and other times it goes left. When it goes right, and there’s more than one judge that has turned, the judges fight to have the artist on their team, giving them 1001 reason why they should choose them as their judge. Also, the judges are renowned celebrities, the kind we’ve crushed on since we were kids. When it goes left and no one turns for you, you still get encouragement and sound advice on what to improve on and they give them a boost to give it a shot next time.

The synergy of the judges is what I believe makes the show even more exciting. I mean competition has never looked fun like that. They literally fight each other with love. If there’s a positive vibes show, this one gets the crown for me. Watching people dreams get renewed, others finding their long lost dreams, others getting second chances and others unlocking their passion. Being paired with judges who train and help them hone their skills, skills that help them pursue their dreams. The hard work that goes into their performances, because each performance is a win/lose situation, and you need to win to go to the next level.

Now, here I am wondering how they calm their nerves because for most of the artists, it’s their first time performing in front of big crowds. Let alone in front of famous artists that have done this for years and thrived at it. But they do, and it’s amazing, and I’m certainly inspired by that. I know there’s a lot that goes into the show, and preparations for the D-Day, but the nerves, the nerves sometimes don’t know none of that and they present themselves when you’re meant to show the best version of yourself.

I’m currently learning to work through my nerves and inspired by rhinoceros picture which was so appropriate for this post, I took a moment to learn something small about the rhinoceros, because it’s one of the most stable and most resilient animals alive. It’s one of the Big 5 in Kenya.

How do you stop a charging Rhinoceros? You don’t. You run like heck and don’t look back.


Generally solitary, and comfortable being alone, rhinoceroses help us to sink into solitude, enjoy our own company, and commune with our deeper self. Indeed, Rhino’s teaching is ‘know thyself.

Although rhinos are highly sensitive, their thick, strong skin provides a protective armor. Rhino prods us to let go of outer distractions while shielding us from over-sensitivity and too much external influence. Thoughtful and wise, Rhino teaches us to trust intuition and accept the sage advice of our inner counsel. Rhino helps us to find balance and solidity within. With Rhino, we feel secure, centered, and grounded, even as we open to vast expanses of awareness.

Although rhinos will charge when attacked or frightened, they are usually peaceful. Rhino teaches us to observe first. If action is needed, Rhino can help us to launch it and follow through.

Rhinoceroses use their horns (African rhinos have two; Asian rhinos have one) to dig, forage, impress a potential mate, intimidate, and defend. Long coveted by humans for status, medicine, or magic, rhino horn symbolizes discernment — especially the ability to see through illusion. Ironically, Rhino teaches that power does not lie outside ourselves — in the horn of another — but within. Rhino encourages us to find true power by seeing inside ourselves.Source.

I don’t have the formula just yet, but I think the rhino really has something its sleeve on how to deal with the nerves, and I want some of what its got. The bible says,

Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Is that it? Share with us your ritual. What do you do to tame your nerves when they just want to run wild?

Stay Inspired,