What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell. It could be the most lame story to you, but to someone else it could be life-changing, the epiphany they very much-needed. It could be what helps them be able to tackle a situation they’re in. In most cases, there are similarities in situations or stories. You may not have the same feelings, same reactions, same solutions, but there is some comfort in knowing that you’re not ALONE. You’re not the only one going through something. There’s someone else going through the same thing you’re going through, whether you’re rich or poor, black or white, Christian or Muslim. If not the same, maybe to lesser or greater degree that one can relate to.

What's Your Story, Experience, Life

Have you ever met with a stranger and when you strike a conversation they go ahead and ask you, “WHAT’S YOUR STORY?” That question used to get to my nerves at some point in my life. I always thought they want to find out about my relationship status or my age. It’s the kind of question when asked all you want to respond with is an astounding blank stare with popping eyes screaming silently “How dare you!” Because you have so much to say and this question is nothing but ‘so vague’. It doesn’t point you to any direction. Like, what exactly do you want to know, is it about my childhood, school, relationships, family, friends, work, or just me? Is this an interview? The question brings you a whole set of new challenges that rack your brain for a couple of seconds.

Well that’s what I’m kind of trying to do here. Rack your brain just-a-wee-bit. Take you back to any of your experiences that you think are worth jotting down and sharing with a friend or more here. You know when you write your experience it kind of sinks in a little more and it’s quite some therapy, at least for me. It reminds you more vividly of that moment you were in. It even helps you deal with yourself, because at that moment you’re thinking of yourself (one of the few times ‘it’s all about you’), what you were thinking, what you were feeling, how you reacted, what was the lesson you took from it. In good times and in bad times, all of them hold a story worth being told.

It’s something that’s been in my mind for far too long but I have been lazy to implement it because I didn’t know where to start. I had the idea but execution, you know how that goes. Currently being fuelled by a spark of the moment, hence the courage and psyche to start this category, which will be featured in the tabs up there. Basically, I’ll need you (my readers and fellow bloggers) to come into play. To tell your story, not necessarily your “relationship status or age” like I was once thought the question insinuated, but an experience that you feel compelled to share; to inspire, influence or impact someone else’s life.

Inspire, Impact, Influence

Looking forward to bugging you and hearing from you. So, What’s Your Story? Will be coming to a blog near you sooner than later. Stay blessed and keep safe.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*