When It Comes To Be.

When you have desired something for a long time then it suddenly materializes and you’re still trying to put your feelings together so that you can enjoy the blessing in its entirety. That’s the phase I am now in. I’m still processing it and taking it in strides. I dreamt of big windows that let in a lot of natural light, space, a beautiful view and a place near enough for me to walk to and from work. Then bam! I am firm believer of God’s timing being the best and it truly is.

So we moved houses the other day after being in our previous apartment for the last 3 years. I had forgotten the thrill, but equally overwhelming feeling that comes with moving houses. You know after getting used to something for so long and then being subjected to a sudden change. This was sudden, because in as much as I had told everyone and anyone who wants to listen that we were kinda-sorta looking for a house, I didn’t expect it to come that soon. We hadn’t even started searching, we were still in the ‘talk-about-it-so-that-it-can-sink-in first’ phase. I do that a lot, you know, speak into things that I want to be blessed with. When this house came it was almost like an emergency ‘take it or leave it’ situation. Had I mentioned how risk averse I am, but with this one, I was the one pushing the mister, ‘let’s leap, we’ll think about it later.’ And his -cousin brother- yes I said that right, who was our hook up for this beauty of a house is the real MVP in our lives right about now.

Be true to yourself and the right people and resources always show up. The Universe always conspires for the right meetings to occur. Everything is unfolding as it should. It really is. ~ Maria Erving

I was happy that we made that decision, very happy. Y’all would only understand if I showed you the space. Someday soon. On moving day, it was still exciting because we used Capital Movers, who ensure that you barely lift a finger. This was really a different moving experiences for me, considering I was used to being the one packing and unpacking the night before, morning of, evening of, and days following. Everything, and I mean, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G was lifted from one house and placed in the other one piece.

And so I had a lot of time to observe and think. All my friends and family who knew we were moving kept asking me what I felt about the new place, and truth is I was happy. But to be very honest, I also felt a sense of melancholy that I could not bring myself to explain. Like that afternoon, I had to just take a nap and take it all in. Interesting thing is that my baby sister got it and she just had the right words to say. She always does, and as she spoke, I wondered, “Who’s the older one now?” But I thank her for the word of encouragement and for knowing that I have someone who looks up to me, so I need to have my A-Game all the damn time.

Moving Day

It got me thinking, that sometimes we have desires and we truly want them to come to be, we pray about them every day, we wish for them every day, but what happens when they actually come to be. Are you ready to handle that which you desire? That’s what was running through my head. That as you desire, make sure that you’re planning around it, so that when it comes to be, because it’s just a matter of time, it finds you ready. I mean it won’t be perfection but at least you will be armed enough to take it up and have it as a work-in-progress. Like at this moment, our house feels like a big empty hall, a lot of furnishing will need to be done in 2017, because clearly 2016 is as good as over. But I am glad that the opportunity got us ready. Now let the work begin 🙂

It’s not about being ready or feeling prepared all the time; sometimes you just have to do what you know you have to do. And when you do – you will always see that you’re more ready and more prepared than you realize. Never doubt yourself or you may never do anything of significance. ~ A.J. Darkholme

Woohoo! Happy December.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*