When Opportunity Knocks

I watched the young boy’s video, Morris Mwenda (I preferred to share this one where he’s all cleaned up and in a better state). He was homeless and living on the streets, but the one thing he kept talking about is opportunity and the lack of it thereof. He even goes ahead to excuse himself for taking a strong liking towards the word. And after re-watching the video, because first I was impressed by his eloquence and intelligence, I couldn’t stop thinking of the word opportunity either; and it could possibly be the word I live by the rest of the year. Truly, you can be inspired by anyone, he inspired me. We take it casually, because when we think of opportunity, most of us think of it from a monetary or the good life perspective, and not necessarily as the contributing factor of how our life will turn out.

Opportunity, Inspiration

An opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

As I was walking around town yesterday, I consciously observed the different people around me in their elements doing life the way they do it best – walking, driving, selling, waiting, chatting, laughing, chilling – and I tried to think of the different opportunities that these people have stumbled upon in their life’s journey, and if that’s the reason they are where they are at this point in life, doing what they’re doing. So many times we pray for opportunity to present itself in our lives – and it comes in different forms just that we don’t see it for what it is. From being born into a stable family that accepts you for who you are; having a place to call home; having people to call family and friends that look out for you; having people that love you and who you love you back; being educated by your parents or guardians; finding a job or being offered a job; growing in your career; being healthy; being able to afford and sustain your lifestyle; being able to explore your talents; being influential in your circles; being able to run a business and produce quality products & services; being able to make choices, positive choices.

And I thought, if you can tick most of these things and say that you have been blessed by at least one, two or more, hasn’t opportunity come your way; even if from the human eye not in the biggest of ways? There are some that feel opportunity hasn’t knocked their door yet, or if it has, it didn’t find them ready, because there were other things in their life that weren’t sorted out and so that opportunity doesn’t enable them to do something at that point. However, the thing with this thing called opportunity is that it can’t prosper on its own; it requires hard work, persistence, perseverance, discipline and commitment. You have to take up the opportunity presented to you and you have to milk it dry – so that it causes a ripple effect on the other facets of your life.

For instance, if your parents or guardians provide you a home, and go further to feed, clothe, protect and educate you – then you have to assist in the house, you have to be obedient to them, you have to put in the effort to read and do well in school. After which, you probably start tarmacking – sometimes you will get a job on your own, or you will be introduced to someone who can help you get one. And when you do, you have to prove to yourself and to your bosses that you’re the right person for the job. You have to work harder to be productive and deliver results – because that’s what jobs are about. Others start their own businesses, but even in business, you have to produce products or services that add value to people’s life’s. You have to go above and beyond your call of duty to ensure that you’re competitive, because there are many other people doing exactly what you’re doing. So what differentiates you or make you more valuable?

For you to go further, you have to put yourself and your works out there. You have to network, you have to explore the possibilities, you have to take risks, and you have to keep trying until you get it right. Opportunity is more like a staircase, not all buildings will have one, but when you encounter one, the steps are there, it’s for you to make the move. What you do with each step is up to you. Sometimes you might be climbing not knowing where the steps are taking you, other times, it’s just the same old steps you take every other day, but you can change the outcome by doing something differently. Whether it’s putting in more effort in to how you take the steps, or who you take your steps with.

Opportunity doesn’t come to those who wait, and there will be no ‘OPPORTUNITY IS HERE’ sticker written anywhere to alert you of its arrival. It comes to those who are already doing something, because you’re creating room for it. It finds you when you’re in your element – and then it broadens the horizons for you, pushing you further into realizing those dreams. As Uncle Henry says,

Don’t let money be what drives you. As important as money is in sustaining your lifestyle, let it be the by-product of your good works. Explore your talents, and create products and services that add value to yours and other people’s life’s. And let’s celebrate the good men too, and continue encouraging them to do good.

He said this during a family meeting, and it really touched a spot. Because the reason we have corruption and moral decay in our society, is because we make money the primary focus, the driver, and the product or service the by-product – with a compromise on quality. And that’s the the same principle we raise our children with, pushing the need to make money, instead of encouraging them to explore their talents or work hard in order to eventually make money from it. But one by one, we can change the narrative.

And since today is supposedly Mother’s day, I thought it’s in May. But hey, I celebrate my mothers every chance I get; because they are the reason we are. Their support, their love, their prayers, that’s what keeps us going. So Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums, just keep doing what you do, because besides it coming naturally, it brings us some much needed sanity in this crazy world. We Love You!

To the Snippers, be blessed.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*