When The Means Trumps The End.

I get some of my inspiration in life from independent people who in their formative years started out from somewhere and worked their way to be where they are today. The way they display progression in their journey and have come to the realization that it’s more about the means than it is about the end. Sometimes we’re driven so much by our goals (end) that we forget the importance of how we got there. Because it’s in the how that we learn, grow and enable each other – the goal is a milestone and once we achieve it, we set the next one and the cycle goes on.

means trumps end

Ever realized that the happiness derived from achieving a goal is usually quite short-lived? The next minute, you’re wondering what more or what else can I do to retain this excitement? or what’s the next thing that needs to be achieved? What makes it last a little longer is the process you took to achieve it. The system has taught us to focus on delivering results and achieving goals – basically become doers, not just mere talkers, which is great. However, in projects, failed or succeeded, it’s the process that makes it worth the while. It’s in the process that you gain or lose friends; know who to trust or not; know who has got your back or not; learn what’s meaningful or not; make mistakes and learn from them; build your story. And while achieving the goal is critical to the process, it becomes secondary.

There’s a time I recall battling with myself asking myself, “What’s really my story?”, because it sounds very conventional. There’s a misconception that ‘rags to riches’ stories are the one that worth telling. Such that we strive to bring out the suffering, struggling or failing aspect of our means to get to the goal. It was until I started telling my story, despite how conventional it sounds, that I figured I have actually learnt a lot along the way, and really grown emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Well, physically, not so much, thank God.

It’s interesting that while we progress, we could look down on people who are where we once were and make them feel of less significance than us. Forgetting that just like us, they’re trying to make it in life, to find meaning (purpose) and be successful. Contrary to popular belief, everyone is fighting their own battle. No one has been given a free-pass, regardless of their status. From a material point of view, some seem to be doing much better or seem to have it much easier than others. But it’s not about the material things, it’s about the mind and heart, how you use those two, coupled with attitude. That’s what equalizes us and helps us deal with anything that life throws our way.

In that regard, the two things I keep reminding myself are; to support and respect other people’s means and never forget where I have come from, because besides using my own means to get where I am today (goals), someone had faith in me, and most importantly, I started from somewhere.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*