Why Today Sucked.

I had a lovely weekend, you know the kind where you are here, there and everywhere. So in the midst of my all my escapades of the weekend, I met a couple of good old friends and you know it’s all excitement as I hadn’t seen them in a long while.

Though one thing I have never done is build negative energy on someone, I always try my best to look at the good side of things, you know things could be thick and difficult, and we can talk about that, but those things can have something positive that can make you feel better. Anyway for the first time ever, I felt like am a dart board, and my heart was the one being aimed at. Like the heart piercing kind.

You know when people talking about something that affects you directly, and as much as it sounds true or not you don’t have a say, like you just shush and listen as they toss your “life story” like a ball, everyone has an opinion and they don’t spare any bit. I mean you can’t contribute because it sounds partly like advice, while at the same time it’s accusatory or rather “I don’t know what it was”.

And the conversation continued maybe not a conversation because I was just being told things that I wasn’t really responding to, it reached a point and I was thinking, “okay I get it, stop! It’s a bit too much. You know some things can be put forward as jokes and at first it feels like a joke and you laugh with them, but when it becomes an extended joke then it starts to hurt. And being me, I always try to put a brave face and laugh even when I am the target. That was me. I was laughing and smiling and acting like what they were saying was so funny but in the inside, I just wanted to get the hell outta here. That feeling where the slightest opportunity to flee would be highly appreciated. Regardless of wether you will remain as the topic of discussion or nah.

And by time I was  leaving, all I was feeling was,

Negative Vibes, Negativity, Ecouragement

At one time or another, this had to happen. It’s good to experience some things so that you can know how it feels and how you can tackle them. Because after that I just wanted to go home and sleep. I love sleep, it’s sometimes my form of escapism. Because when you sleep everything just goes away. I had wanted to go party but I opted out. Every experience for me is always a learning experience. And when I thought about this particular experience, all I could come up with was,

People see, hear and talk. People will tell you things you don’t want to hear. Things you probably know but don’t want to get the reality of them. They will say the truth from what they have observed. Oh and the truth hurts. Sometimes what they say could be out of their experiences and they are just letting you know so that you don’t make a mistake.

You just need to know how to handle all that information in a way that’s beneficial to you. I mean with all my intelligence, I should be able to “sieve chaff from good grain” — I got it … ha!

I also learnt another thing, that people are very delicate creatures. I can look like am the strongest, but you don’t know what’s going inside me. And concealing them is part of our life’s job description. So when dealing with something that will probably touch on someones feeling, be gentle. You can joke about it, but don’t extend it. And when someone says stop, stop. Unless your intention is to hurt them. Plus it’s okay to also drop a line of encouragement after laying them bare.

Note how good you feel after you have encouraged someone else. No other arguement is necessary to suggest that never miss the opportunity to give encouragement – George Adams

To say the least, those friends never encouraged me after all the negative vibe and so it brought me down, but another person who was not even among those friends did. And I am grateful to have someone other friends who I can call to just rant and rave when such days happen.

To be a friend means encourage strengths in others and accepting their weaknesses, in other words, accepting them for who they are. – Catherine Pulsifier

Signing Off — *Kawi*