Words Pierce or Bring Healing

Now it seems that when I have a flu and I take cold caps I get sleepless … is that normal really? I remember a time I use to take them and I become super drowsy. This time round I was sure to tell the physician to give me something that’s non-drowsy … I can’t afford to be sleepy during the day. And he gives me non-drowsy (daytime) cold cap. I don’t know if I was supposed to buy the drowsy ones for the night…mmmh!

So as my insomnia time checks in yesterday, Dr.90210 was showing next —> sometimes I like watching this strange stuff, just for the fun of it. And Jeez! If everything about your body feels right, you should be saying a huge thank you to your creator (God) right about now and every moment that it crosses your mind, because you’re blessed and lucky.

People have issues out there, that we would probably take for granted. For instance, in this particular episode there were 3 teenagers undergoing re-constructive surgeries. One lady with big boobies and it was affecting her self-esteem and she wants them reduced, because she was being criticized by schoolmates and random guys. Then a trans-gender issue where this dude has always wanted to be a girl, he’s basically lived the life of a girl and now needs to reconstruct some of his facial features so that he can actually look like a girl. Lastly, was this lady with a crooked nose, which affected her sleep and she would snore like mad (I’m sure you’re wondering how I would know…lol, it’s the mother who emphasized on how bad it was) and she wanted something done about it. And for all the cases above, one thing I noticed is that they had a strong supporting system from their families, I bet that’s what got them through, because it can be quite traumatizing, even if it’s your choice to undergo such a procedure.

And as I watched it just occurred to me that, there are sometimes we see some people with a certain deformity or abnormality and the 1st thing that comes to our mind is how to condemn or criticize them not knowing the pain that they are going through trying to deal with that issue. I think everyone has a saturation point e.g. how much they can handle with regards to what people say about them especially the negative comments and so on.

Like I was just wondering, why the lady with the big *I did not think they were too big* boobies would want them reduced. One of her reasons was that, “People would see her for her big boobs and not for the person she is”, and she put it out with regards to her relation with men, like she would pass some guys and all they would talk about is her boobs. In the long run it affected her esteem and she just wants them reduced among other issues such as not being able to exercise well or dress up in clothes that she would love to. You notice all her reasons rotate around reducing speculation from the people who surround her. I loved how her mum was with her every step of the way, encouraging her and telling her it’s going to be alright…sometimes that’s all one needs to hear.

In short, making fun of people can be ‘fun’, but when you do something in excess, it can be detrimental. Some shortcomings such as having certain body abnormalities or deformities are not self inflicted or self sort; you don’t say that this is the abnormality I want to have. It’s something you are either born with or it just happens at a certain time in your life and mainly out of your control. It’s not something you are proud of per se or that you would want to have.

Given the chance to re-create yourself maybe there’s that part you would remodel maybe because you don’t like how it looks, it could be as something as simple as your toe nail *yes, I have a deformed toe nail…lol*. So while you critic and make fun of someone else’s abnormalities, think twice because what you could be taking as humorous could be slowly butchering someone else’s feelings.

“When you criticize an abnormality, watch what you say, to whom you are saying it to, why you are saying it and when you are saying it. It might seem humorous but deep inside you could be crushing someone’s life.” ~ Kawiria

Proverbs 12:18  – “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

Good day lovely people.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*