You-nique Rub Off’s.

You know, how the human mind works is just amazing. Today as I was walking to the office, I was thinking duh, yeah I was thinking….and in my line of thought. PS: Thought in this case is where I’m having a conversation in my head with myself…yeah one talks and another responds.

And in the midst of all that, I figured a part of me is speaking the way a close friend of mine does, some particular phrases that is. That’s because before I knew the friend(s), I never used such phrases. But once I started hanging out with them there are some phrases that they use that have also caught up with me.

I mean, I would find myself reacting to a situation closely to the way they do, though in my own way since we are all different in the end. That’s weird. Not only do the phrases rub off but some of the psychological expressions. How you shrug your shoulders, or roll your eyes, or throw your hands.

Whoever came up with the proverbial saying of  “Bird’s of a feather flock together”, had probably realized this earlier than we did.

Like seriously, it happened subconsciously, and it’s after I thought out the statement, I was like, uuuummmm wait a second, WOW, that was not me right there, it does sound like someone I know. I could even picture the person saying it.

After realizing, and having a thought or two about it. It’s not everyone that rubs onto me. Human’s are choosy beings, or at-least I am…very choose to be precise. Disclaimer, before some people hate me, I’m humble too…lol

So the only way a person would rub off on me, is under the circumstances like this:

I really like the person

I find them soooooo cool

They are creative, and their style is the ish

They are unique…not just kawaida i.e like every other Tom, Dick-inson*to sound civil…lol* and Harry…. ( Question : Why do they say Tom, Dick and Harry and not some female names? )

I hang out with them very often

Their phrases and expressions totally amaze me, so I just find myself getting on with the programme…hehe

The above are a result of me first liking the person

Yeah basically, not just anything or anyone rubs off on me, as I said I am very choosy… so whatever it is that’s rubbing off, has to have totally impressed yours truly, and/or also be approved, as a habit/phrase/expression to be taken up. I think I subconsciously try it and if it looks good on me too…I join the band wagon, if not…dropped.

Maybe that’s why I never try so hard when it comes to sheng’ phrases, I just sound bad.

Am I the only one who finds people who I tend to think that they ( kind of, sort of ) think like me. Like they would do something or say something and I’m like I would have sooo done the same given a similar circumstance. Or you observe how someone carry’s out themselves and you just know that  either you will or will not get along with that person.

Although in the long run, one has to know themselves so that they are not swallowed by their influencers, to an extent you become fake or a photocopy of them. You also need to make sure YOU sticks (still remain as YOU-NIQUE) so that someone else can have that blessed opportunity of taking up some of your phrases/ expressions/habits.


“Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around.”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*