Your State House

We spent 9th April 2013, following up on the presidential inauguration process for those of us who weren’t able to attend it physically. Well, because we didn’t receive V.I.P invitation cards…lol. Truth be told though, there’s no way I would squeeze my way into the crowd to watch it and the media has ensured that the whole event was being aired live. I think you even get to witness it better when watching it from the comfort of your couch. You can switch channels when a boring choir comes on or when there’s a delay in arrivals, better yet snooze then wake up for the speeches or go grab some snacks in the kitchen you get what I mean. All the same, a historical moment that will go down the books happened. So it’s a date worth remembering. Also, for the sake of your kids, you’ll probably have to narrate this story sometime in future.

On a non-serious note depends on how you look at it I like that our president and vice presidents are eloquent. You know, very convincing, audible, precise and most of all young and hip aka “the dynamic duo”. There will be no more cringing during national or informal speeches. Is it just me or did you ever have moments of “I don’t know what you’ll say next, but please be subtle” when Kibaki made informal speeches. I know they were humorous and all, but I think I’m kind of relieved. I don’t have to wonder anymore how he converses with dignitaries and the likes. Things that keep you up at night…ha ha!

Kibaki Hands Over
Source: Outgoing President Mwai Kibaki hands over instruments of Power and Authority (the Commander-in-chief’s ceremonial sword and the constitution) to President Uhuru Kenyatta during the State Installation of the 4th President of Kenya at Kasarani Sports Complex, Nairobi.

We saw the new president-elect being sworn in as Hon. His Excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto. I’m happy that this finally came to be. It had been a long time coming. With so many doubts and unsurities along the way we were able to come to an agreement of who deserves what. I guess fair trial in the end. I wasn’t also so sure about how everything will turn out but since inception I had prayed for the best outcome and for a peaceful election. I didn’t know who was the best presidential candidate, we all had our opinions and a choice of 8. As you know, for each person, their opinions rules and politics is pretty sensitive. If there’s one discussion I didn’t enjoy, it’s that of politics. I hated the analysts on T.V. too I don’t know why the bring them on. They didn’t help my judgement in any way, the debates on the other hand really did.

I’m glad that whole politics things especially in regard to elections is over. Who’s with me here? Now we can deal with more pertinent matters. Like how to make better our economy, fix things. The new government has made promises, many promises. The frameworks, the policies, but most of all the reforms. I am one of those hopeful Kenyans. I want to see and experience how all these promises will be executed and how they will involve the common mwananchi who doesn’t have links in the government while at it.

Congratulations Kenyans for a job well done and for the bright future ahead of us.


As Uhuru enters the national State House he already did, also enter your own State House and run with it. Yours is not the actual presidential State House *quips* with the a million and one rooms, I mean the proverbial one. You’re the president of your life. I don’t know where in the bible it says but I’ve definitely seen it and read it. That God gave you dominion over your life (the power and the authority to govern and control it). So even as we wait and expect the government to develop the country, they will probably play their role in doing so, I believe. But they will not come to you as an individual and develop you. You have to do it yourself. You have to work harder than ever, you have to push yourself to the limits.

Nothing comes easy. You want a good life? You have to chase it. It’s that girl who plays “hard to get” or that man who’s not akin to commitment. Quite slippery, but it can be caught eventually.

If you think about it critically, even the president worked quite hard to get to where he is. His team mates worked even harder to make sure that they get him to where he is. So we are no exception. The reforms they’ll make will create opportunities for us, which will mean that someone has to take them on. Opportunities are like a gold mine, do nothing and nothing will come off them. It will just be land like any other. Do something and you’ll have gold and other minerals at your disposal. Dig deeper and deeper until it becomes the opportunities become something tangible, that have a positive effect in your life.

I’m also not too sure how this will go for me as well but I am all macho. Let me start thinking how I can develop my personal and professional life via this opportunities. LOL, definitely not the babies one at least for now, they said free maternity in public hospitals and free laptops for class 1 kids in public schools. I foresee a baby boom next year. Wololo, there’s more to babies than that don’t be deceived. Don’t forget to analyse some of these opportunities before taking them up. All the best while at it and God bless Kenya!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*