You’re Not Alone in Your Planning Struggles

My Current Struggle.

The one thing I’m currently struggling with is maintaining consistency with the newsletters. There I said it. It was much easier when WordPress was sending you an email with every post I published, because it didn’t require much effort from me. Then again, I didn’t want to spam your emails with Kawi Snippets emails anymore and I wanted you to read more than the current post – some blasts from the past remain relevant and timeless. And so the newsletter concept made a lot of sense.

Sent out a newsletter today 🙂

I am the kind of person who’s a partial planner. I mean partial in the sense that on some days I will have a detailed ‘to-do’ list and I will absolutely strive to do everything in it. On other days, I will struggle to come up with a ‘to-do’ list. And even when I find things to put on it, I will struggle to execute for one reason or another. It could be because I am not be in the mood to do those particular things on that day and as a result I will end up focusing on entirely something different. Or procrastination. Procrastination is the devil.

Like for the Newsletter, on the Friday I didn’t send it out, because I realized that I hadn’t published enough content to share that week and that kind of made me lose the psyche. So I decided to skip it with the promise to self that I’ll post on the next one. Then on the next one, I was feeling so low and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do it or to do anything passion driven for that matter. And here we are.

However, even as I’m calling myself out on this and beating myself up for this, sometimes we are so engrossed in making plans that we forget that there’s so much we’re doing every living moment. There are some things that were never even in our plans, but they are things that hold so much importance and things that need to be done. So in as much as planning is key, also being able to go with flow is essential.

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

~ John Lennon ~

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